Congregation Darech Amuno

Preparation for Passover commences this year with the thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny of our homes, offices (and cars and stoves, ranges and refrigerators) of any trace of Chometz, concluding with a nighttime search on Thursday, March 29 with the traditional candle, feather and wooden spoon. A few crumbs should be pre-placed in known locations so the search is not in vain. The following morning, by 10:45, the crumbs, spoon, feather and candle stump should be burned safely outdoors while reciting the traditional disavowal of ownership of any undiscovered remnants of Chometz, rendering any such as ownerless as "... the dust of the earth."

Any Chometz such as unopened bags of sugar or flour, canned goods or unopened bottles of whiskey or wine that will be kept over the holiday must be put in a sealed cabinet, to satisfy the Torah's command that no Chometz may be seen during Passover. Such retained Chometz must be sold to a non-Jew for the duration of Passover. If your Rabbi cannot do this for you, it may be possible to arrange such a sale for a small fee by telephoning Rabbi Shmuel Spiegel at 917-664-7959 to verbally authorize him to act in your stead.

Don't use any of this Chometz until 9:19 PM on Saturday, April 7.


Services will be held as follows:

Friday             March 30,  7 PM,  preceded by candle lighting at 6:59 PM

Saturday        March 31,   9:30 AM and 7 PM  candle lighting after  8:12 PM 

Sunday           April 1,        9:30 AM and 7 PM  Yom Tov ends  7:49 PM

                                              (Monday April 2 through Thursday April 5, Chol HaMoed)

Friday             April 6         7:20 PM, preceded by  candle lighting at 7:06 PM

Saturday        April 7          9:30 AM and 7:15 PM. Yizkor at noon. Passover ends 8:19 PM. Simplest way to conclude? A sip of newly purchased beer.                               Synagogue will host Seders on Friday night March 30 and Saturday night March 31, commencing each night at 7:45 pm.

                           Please telephone 347-400-1241 to make reservations and arrange for payment.