Our Services

The synagogue is open from late Friday afternoon, with candle lighting 18 minutes before sunset as that varies through the seasons. Sabbath and Holiday Services commence at 9:30 am, with Torah reading at around 10:30.  The Mussaf Service concludes at 11:30, followed by a Kiddush with wine and brownies and, for those who stay, an excellent lunch that is both ample and varied. Join us in prayer at this delightful, historic architectural gem that seems to elicit spontaneous prayer from all who enter what-ever their religion – or even lack thereof. Google congregation darech amuno, offers navigable, 360 degree inside and outside views. Sabbath frequently brings tourists, who learn to their surprise that the root concept of the West , that there is a single, moral G-D, who rewards or chastises each individual according to his actions,  originated not in ancient Greece or Rome, but in  ancient Israel and that our exile served to found the West.

They are also astonished to learn that in verse 5708 of the Torah (equivalent to 1948) G-D promises to return the scattered exiles of Israel to their ancestral land and there to increase and prosper them. Who in 1945 would have thought it possible, yet Israel today is proof of His faithfulness.  It is as though, post WWII, G-D said to the world “I gave you free will and look what you did with it! Now it’s my turn.” 

At the Greenwich Village Synagogue we are continuing the congregation's efforts since its founding in 1838 to heal the world, invoking G-D's essential aid in this critical task.Join us in prayer and sustain our efforts with your financial support.

Congregation Darech Amuno